May Session Closes with Final Games and Fastest Shot Contest

By Long Beach Youth Lacrosse|June 5, 2016|Uncategorized|0 comments

Youth/Girls Division
Blue Team 2, White Team
Solenne Shandrow (1 goal)
Patrick (1 goal)
Sawyer Peak (1 goal)
James Carey (1 goal)

Boys Teen Division
Blue Team 1, White Team 1
Zireak Gray-Fuller (1 goal)
Sebastian Covarrubias (1 assist)
Sam Peak (1 assist)
Tyler Lansdell (1 goal)


Youth/Girls Division
1st Place – Nashwa Greenwood (34 mph)
2nd Place – Sawyer Peak (34 mph)
3rd Place – Solenne Shandrow (29 mph)

Boys Teen Division
1st Place – Sam Peak (53 mph)
2nd Place – Sebastian Covarrubias (48 mph)
3rd Place – Pablo Valderramos (41 mph)

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