Lacrosse Assistance and eXemption (LAX) Program

Lacrosse Assistance and eXemption (LAX) Program

The Long Beach Youth Lacrosse LAX Program is designed to address the startup cost challenges of playing lacrosse. To make lacrosse accessible to all boys and girls from all family backgrounds, LBYL receives donations and grants to provide equipment, cover fees, and provide transportation to and from practices and games.

Equipment provided for boys includes:

  • Stick
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Arm pads
  • Shoulder pads

* All players must have own mouthguard and cleats.

Equipment provided for girls includes:

  • Stick
  • Eye mask/goggles

* All players must have own mouthguard and cleats.

Transportation is also provided for qualifying families with designated pickup and drop off locations.


To qualify for the LAX Program, the athlete must meet the following criteria:

  1. Verified student in the Long Beach Unified School District.
  2. Minimum 2.0 or higher student GPA.
  3. Completion of LBYL Beginner’s Clinics program and coach’s recommendation.
  4. Proof of LBUSD free and/or reduced price lunch qualification.


Applying for the LAX Program is easy, and the application process is integrated with the Team LBYL registration process. Student verification and proof of LBUSD free or reduced price lunch must be emailed to


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