Module 1: The Value of Sport and Accountability

Sportsmanship means a lot of things. It covers everything from how you as an individual conduct yourself on the field, to how you as an individual conduct yourself off the field. Sportsmanship means you have strong character, you are reliable, you deliver, and you do so with class.

Below is an introduction to sportsmanship and accountability through videos from professional sources.

Module Objective(s):

  1. Begin to appreciate all aspects of sportsmanship and the definition of accountability.
  2. Reflect on how your experiences on the field relate to the subjects in the videos.
  3. Appreciate how emotional control leads to positive, greater results.
  4. Understand how social media can positively and negatively affect your game, college recruiting, job prospects, etc.



Watch Video Playlist Above or click below for each video link:


Post below an experience relating to a subject touched on any of the videos in this module.



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