Why Lacrosse?

My daughter has fallen in love with this fast-paced game, and she truly enjoys the camaraderie of her peers and the opportunity to grow as a leader!

Leslie S. Parent/Teacher

My daughter had a blast learning lacrosse for the first time with Coach Leah and Coach Mike. The high school players were super helpful, too. Everyone was so upbeat and encouraging. The whole family was welcome to come to the practices and the atmosphere was just pure fun. My daughter worked up quite a sweat — and a lasting passion for a sport she’d never even heard of before.

Kim S. Parent

Long Beach Youth Lacrosse has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for both my son and daughter. The coaching staff in particular is very strong, professional, nurturing and fair. They have taught the kids excellent skills, sportsmanship and respect.  I would highly recommend this organization and its coaching staff led by coach Song as it would create a positive experience for children of all ages. 

Jamil H. Parent

I have really enjoyed playing for you and working with you Coach Song. The inspiration you’ve given me, not only for lacrosse, but for life, has been greatly appreciated.

Jimmy S. Player
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